Pets Bath Brush & Body Scrubber Pack of 2

Introducing our innovative Dog Scrubber Silicon, the perfect grooming tool for your beloved furry friend! 🐶🛁

With its durable and flexible silicone bristles, this dog scrubber provides a gentle and thorough cleaning experience. The soft bristles effectively remove dirt, grime, and loose hair while massaging your dog's skin, promoting a healthy and shiny coat. Say goodbye to messy bath times and hello to a happier, cleaner pup!

Key Features:
✨ Made from high-quality silicone, ensuring durability and long-lasting use.
✨ Ergonomically designed, allowing for a comfortable grip and easy handling.
✨ Safe and gentle on your dog's skin, suitable for all breeds and sizes.
✨ Designed with raised bumps on one side, providing a deeper clean and stimulating blood circulation.
✨ The scrubber's compact size makes it travel-friendly, perfect for grooming your furry friend on the go.

How to use:
1️⃣ Wet your dog's coat thoroughly.
2️⃣ Apply your favorite dog shampoo or soap.
3️⃣ Gently massage the silicone bristles over your dog's body in circular motions, ensuring to reach all areas.
4️⃣ Rinse thoroughly and repeat if necessary.

Per 2 piece

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